Paris 2019 Venture Capital World Summit

World Series Season 2019 Starts in Paris on 24 April From Scale up companies to small boutique companies, the French market is filled with exciting entrepreneurs and innovation, and we are proud to announce we are partners to this event Tickets It has taken a lot of effort to create the first world venture capital summit spanning now over all continents. However, it still feels it is only a startup journey so far.  

Paris will be day one of the World Series in 2019, and as always we still have so much to do, nevertheless this season we are going as far away as Japan before ending the season at Silicon Valley in November. As an entrepreneur we learn every day, and we have no doubt #VCWS2019 will be stronger than ever.

Our commitment is to support every entrepreneur and scale-up business that wants to be helped. No matter where he/she is. No matter where his/her original starting point. Entrepreneurship is an act of life itself, it is about solving problems, offer solutions and improve…

Fotojet Review: Graphic Design Editing Made Easy

Graphic Design is highly in demand  In a context where many people are more connected online, internet marketing is driving and increasing the market for quick and impact quality designs.  This is where FotoJet fits very well, as a solution that anyone can use and get most from the designs, or create new ones regardless of any level of skill. The online solution offers many templates and many resources where some are part of its premium features.

Whether its users need a quick poster design which is easily customizable or to use on social media imaging content, there is something for everyone to use, edit or develop.

Fotojet can be described as a graphic design online solution that offers its users an easy approach to edit photos, including collage. Once a user logins, it can be seen three major tabs: Design, Edit and Collage. As expected the online software has tabs with many options including templates, text fonts, clip-art, stock images, effects or layouts.

As described on the webs…

New Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree Facilitated by IBM and Udacity

Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree Facilitated by IBM  An interesting new development regarding technology education in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The platform designed for employees that is Udacity, is now in partnership with IBM Watson, which also includes Didi Chuxing and Amazon Alexa, as a result of the partnership there is now a new nanodegree in artificial intelligence,

This new development was announced at the IBM World of Watson conference.

In a context where the input from IBM Watson is incorporated in the curriculum of this new course. Furthermore, with the partnership of the Chinese company Didi Chuxing the goal is to tempt and hire students who will be successful in completing their nanodegrees. In thre framework are also IBM and Amazon Alexa as they will be present on an advisory role to Udacity, so that this new nanodegree course does have a solid foundation with an emphasis as a new AI nanodegree.

As stated by Udacity’s founder Sebastian Thrun, which comes f…

Happiness and Well-being is set to make waves in Wales

Happiness and Well-being is set to make waves in Wales With the recent Well-being Act being introduced to Wales, our happiness has started to become more of a focus. It is well documented that at the root of many of the illnesses we suffer with today is the level of stress that we are dealing with at any one time.

Stress hormones in the body create disease in the same way that overloading the body with alcohol or any one type of drug can. Over focusing on the negative aspects of life is one of the key reasons why we develop stress. What happens to our body is that when we focus on the stressful situations, we overdevelop the stress hormone cortisol within our bodies. What this hormone does in small doses is helpful, but when there is too much of it hanging around in our nervous systems, we become ill. This upcoming workshop tickets here by the Entrepreneur Rebecca Mills, will help on how regular stress can affect the body in so many ways, people who overproduce cortisol can even b…

Cardiff Startup Events and Tech Innovation Hub Future

Cardiff Startup Innovation Future TrendsSouth Wales is among the five fastest growing digital clusters in the UK  As seen on this 2015 report by Tech City’s. The region has over 28,000 people directly employed by digital companies.
Cardiff: Future Trend

Cardiff lies at the heart of the Welsh digital innovation trends with Swansea also producing interesting results, There is an exciting business community where it enabled for the likes of Venture Capital World Summit to flourish and start, other examples include the community focused fortnightly meetings produced by the Hero Business Club and others such as the highly regarded Cardiff Business Club,  It is also interesting the vast support that is provided by the Welsh government which is very important to drive some businesses.

“Because of its size, it is a great hub to present and test new ideas,” says Elio Assuncao
Furthermore, the National Assembly which is based in Cardiff Bay has many incentives and policies designed to help In…

Cardiff European Maker Week 2016

The Cardiff European Maker Week An initiative promoted by European Commission YODspica Ltd is a proud local sponsor, organized by Elio Assuncao Book FREE here to attend

The aims of European Maker Week are twofold:

To create awareness about the importance of the maker culture to foster an education of creativity and innovation in all schools across Europe.To build bridges between local authorities and media and the main players of their own local makers ecosystems.
During the European Maker Week the opportunity is for:
Workshops and informative talks,Conferences and talks about innovative maker projects.Project exhibitions and shows.Meetings with the business world to stimulate synergies between makers, craftsmen and industry.Meetings with local Institutions to promote public policies within: the digital technologies field, the shared manufacturing space and the Hardware Startups.
Cardiff UK Event Connecting Things to the Cloud Event
Interactive Workshop and Tech Talks  31st May 2016 Cardif…

New App Makes Brushing Teeth a Fun Gaming Experience

A Japanese company Sunstar's has a new interesting app offering and device   The new device has an accompanying app that enables it to connect to a smartphone with special features for its users, the special toothbrush device is designed as a game experience for its users as a controller gadget, which can also be a newsreader. This is an interesting development particularly for brush shy people, by making it an interactive experience.

It is being branded as G.U.M Play, which is device that fits on any toothbrush. It then works by syncing with the app available on Android and iOS devices. The device also has the capability of a news reader.

As an example: Mouth Monster, works by presenting users with a candyland inside your mouth from invading bacteria. The invaders are dispatched by brushing at a steady beat in key zones around the gum line.

Another example: Mouth Band is a simplified Guitar Hero-style game where users choose from a selection of tunes and play through each song b…

All Users Now Benefit from Security Encryption

All Users Upgraded to Security Encryption has announced that HTTPS is now enabled for custom domain sites.  It mainly affects users which own a custom domain at domain feature as all other users were already benefiting from security SSL This upgrade was overdue when compared with other social services such as Facebook and Twitter where this encryption service is already provided by a form HTTPS for all their users.
Nevertheless, it is great news for domain site owners as now supports custom domain names across all of its sites, although SSL certificates are required to be owned by the users.

Previously, users which were using subdomains have had this security feature HTTPS enabled, however all the other users which use custom domains never had this capability before.

This development arrives in a context of the Let’s Encrypt project, as it has provided cheaper and easier ways to implement HTTPS encryption security on the…

Art in Wales Review by Welsh Artists

Art in Wales Review by Welsh ArtistsWales was unusual for art compared to other parts of the UK.  The concentration of visual artists in rural areas, rather than urban centres as most of Britain at that time, were drawn to Wales by its impressive scenery.
The Cambrian Academy of Art was founded by artists in the Conwy Valley where art was exhibited at established commercial galleries in Llandudno on the North Wales coast.

In South Wales, Cardiff did not become a large town until rapid industrial expansion took place during the second half of the nineteenth century. Artists had visited the town from an earlier date, painting a number of works of South Wales including of Cardiff's North and West Gates.

In 1861, a museum for Cardiff was created in temporary rooms based on subscriptions, sharing accommodation with the Cardiff Free Library in St Mary Street and in 1870 Cardiff's first large-scale public art exhibition, the Fine Art and Industrial Exhibition, took place.