Global Crypto Market Fast Growth

The Market for buying and selling crypto companies grows exponentially

According to a new report from PwC, it has been noted that the total value of global crypto for buying and selling crypto companies has jumped around a 4,846%, from 2020 to 2021 from a value of $1.1 billion to $55 billion. A contributing factor for this increase was influenced on the number of SPAC deals.

This growing and maturing market is attracting a variety of investors including venture capital companies, private equity companies and hedge funds of which combined have completed deals that accounted for 46% of the market total deal flow, furthermore large corporations and corporate venture capital companies accounted for a further 15% of the market deal flow.

According to an analyst Castelluccio, it stated that Wall Street has noted that there is evidence that companies and individuals can “build real, viable systems” with blockchain and crypto technology despite the market still having a certain degree of speculation and unpredictability.

Crypto Market Regulation

Particularly for the US market, the SEC and the CFTC are continuing to evaluate and fine tune regulations that could possibly be put to practice including overseeing frameworks, and how their decisions will impact the market.

It is anticipated, that when the regulation is crystal clear to market players including businesses, then the potential for higher growth will be attractive for more investors with potential larger deals.

Innovation in this Market easily attracts Investors

As digital assets and blockchain is now more widely accepted and integrated into more systems, other applications such as NFTs, DeFi, DAOs including the metaverse, investors can see how this technology helps develop their businesses.

In terms of the global crypto market, this space is still in its early stages of development, nevertheless with each new innovation, it tends to almost immediately attract investors and thus subsequently the purchase and selling of these businesses that utilize and specialize in these technologies.

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