Paris 2019 Venture Capital World Summit

World Series Season 2019 Starts in Paris on 24 April

From Scale up companies to small boutique companies, the French market is filled with exciting entrepreneurs and innovation, and we are proud to announce we are partners to this event Tickets

It has taken a lot of effort to create the first world venture capital summit spanning now over all continents. However, it still feels it is only a startup journey so far.  

Paris 2019 Venture Capital World Summit
Paris 2019 Venture Capital World Summit

Paris will be day one of the World Series in 2019, and as always we still have so much to do, nevertheless this season we are going as far away as Japan before ending the season at Silicon Valley in November. As an entrepreneur we learn every day, and we have no doubt #VCWS2019 will be stronger than ever.

Our commitment is to support every entrepreneur and scale-up business that wants to be helped. No matter where he/she is. No matter where his/her original starting point. Entrepreneurship is an act of life itself, it is about solving problems, offer solutions and improve the world. 

With our new fund we are raising we are supporting programs, ecosystems everywhere with channels to help endeavours accomplish these things which we can all call innovation and technology. Our vision is to help cross bridges around communities, to show the up and coming and established talent that it's possible to start something and change realities, a City reality, a Country reality.

We are we are not "competing" with any events, we are the simply World Summit with our unique approach for business success. We are bringing people from all corners of the World that share the same vision to help entrepreneurs. Great things always start small and we understand the process that everyone experiences when starting, and we are here to help. Tickets

Discussion Panel Venture Capital World Summit
Discussion Panel Venture Capital World Summit

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