Best Free Youtube Wordpress Plugins for Amazing Video Posts

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For any website wordpress content publisher adding YouTube videos they are a relatively easy thing to do, as videos when shared have the option presented to copy and paste an embed code to be inserted into any website page.  However, for a more advanced and customised player displays including galleries of videos from YouTube, then there are free plugins which can be installed and used for any wordpress website to make this task easy and enjoyable for a great user experience.

In this post, we have selected our best and tested range of plugins available free of charge for anyone to use. They are as follows:

"Displays gorgeous YouTube and Vimeo videos and galleries in your site. Please visit for more info!"

Youtube channel gallery - displays list of youtube videos from a channel and showcases a selected video at the top which can be rotated

"Cool Video Gallery is a Video Gallery plugin for WordPress with option to upload videos, add Youtube videos and manage them in multiple galleries."

"Show a youtube video and a gallery of thumbnails for a youtube user channel."

"Get the most exciting FLV player in the internet, designed and modified to suit your WordPress websites. Installing this Video Plugin is real easy."

"A YouTube Gallery Plugin, that let's you add a gallery of videos to any Page or Post. Also supports Widgets."

"Create easily a nice gallery of videos for your site with youtube and/or flv videos."

"Add Videos to your Post, build Video Galleries and show Featured, Popular, Latest & Random videos."

"Displays the most recent videos on a YouTube channel in your wp blog."

"The plugin allows to create a video gallery on any wordpress-generated page. You can add videos from Youtube and Vimeo by simply pasting the video URL."

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