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South Wales is among the five fastest growing digital clusters in the UK 

As seen on this 2015 report by Tech City’s. The region has over 28,000 people directly employed by digital companies.
Cardiff City
Cardiff City

Cardiff: Future Trend

Cardiff lies at the heart of the Welsh digital innovation trends with Swansea also producing interesting results, There is an exciting business community where it enabled for the likes of Venture Capital World Summit to flourish and start, other examples include the community focused fortnightly meetings produced by the Hero Business Club and others such as the highly regarded Cardiff Business Club,  It is also interesting the vast support that is provided by the Welsh government which is very important to drive some businesses.

“Because of its size, it is a great hub to present and test new ideas,” says Elio Assuncao

Furthermore, the National Assembly which is based in Cardiff Bay has many incentives and policies designed to help Innovation in Wales. Including Government's  Business Wales which provides many development funds, which can only be accessed by technology companies.

Official figures show that the number of digital businesses in Wales grew by 7% between 2013 and 2014, when compared to other sectors where the growth was only 2.8%. It is important to Wales to help digital innovation as a nation of many techies, as the success in Cardiff will expand and grow to wider regions outside the Capital City, and many Co-working spaces such as TecMarina are helping to drive this success.

In a location which presents itself with a low cost of living. excellent quality of life, close and fast links to Central London, combined with unique support from the Welsh Government to some key Innovative businesses, it is then an inspiring place for a start-up to be created and or innovated.

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