All Users Now Benefit from Security Encryption

All Users Upgraded to Security Encryption Settings has announced that HTTPS is now enabled for custom domain sites.

It mainly affects users which own a custom domain at domain feature as all other users were already benefiting from security SSL

This upgrade was overdue when compared with other social services such as Facebook and Twitter where this encryption service is already provided by a form HTTPS for all their users.

Nevertheless, it is great news for domain site owners as now supports custom domain names across all of its sites, although SSL certificates are required to be owned by the users.

Previously, users which were using subdomains have had this security feature HTTPS enabled, however all the other users which use custom domains never had this capability before.

This development arrives in a context of the Let’s Encrypt project, as it has provided cheaper and easier ways to implement HTTPS encryption security on the internet scene. provides now each website by default with an SSL certificate which will be displayed by the familiar green lock at user's dashboards when accessed by the user.

Furthermore, in terms of SEO performance it is now also noted that Google prefers and gives more importance to all websites that support and have HTTPS enabled with certificates, as opposed to the unsecured connection of HTTP only website links.

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