New Improved Machine Learning Platform by Google

New Machine Learning Platform by Google

It was announced by Google of a new machine learning platform which developers can use in their applications and solutions. 

It was presented at NEXT Google Cloud Platform user conference. It was stated by Google chairman Eric Schmidt "Google believes machine learning is “what’s next.”

The service is now available in limited preview and it was stated. “Major Google applications use Cloud Machine Learning, including Photos (image search), the Google app (voice search), Translate and Inbox (Smart Reply),” the company . “Our platform is now available as a cloud service to bring unmatched scale and speed to your business applications.

Presently, Google’s Cloud Machine Learning platform consists of two parts: one that allows developers to build machine learning models from their own data, and another that offers developers a pre-trained model. To train or operate these machine learning models, developers can choose their data from tools such as Google Cloud Dataflow,Google BigQuery,Google Cloud Dataproc, Google Cloud Storage, and Google Cloud Datalab.

The pre-trained models include existing APIs like the Google Translate API and Cloud Vision API, but also new services like the Google Cloud Speech API. The Cloud Speech API powers Google’s own voice search and voice-enabled apps. It can do speech-to-text conversion for 80+ languages.

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