New App Shootlr Allows Friends To Request Selfies of You

Everyone is Familiar with Selfies, how about when friends take a photo of you using your own camera?

The concept is called "Someone Elsie"

It was launched today Shootlr on the iOS and Android stores, a new app that works by giving away self control of a user selfies and sharing and passing the selfie concept to a user's friends control.  In other words, allowing photography decisions to be passed to a user's friends, where they can take a selfie of a user, using the user's own smartphone.

In practice the app processes the concept in such a way, as to remind a user that it has been a while since you have seen a photo of your friend e.g. Sasha,  the interested user then sends send a photo request to Sasha. Then, a notification buzzes on Sasha’s phone; when she opens the app, a timer immediately starts its three-second countdown. At the end of the countdown it snaps her photo, then shares it with with the requested user. Below it can be seen the app promotional video.

The concept is called "Someone Elsie"

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