Galactic Exchange Free Hadoop/Spark Cluster Creations in 5 minutes

A new company Galactic Exchange Offers Free Hadoop/Spark Cluster Creations in 5 minutes for Big Data.  

It is an impressive free service offering, as normally this process is not simple, and this new offer is a breakthrough and better still, open source. 

This new service offer / process is called ClusterGX is currently in Beta, presented at Strata + Hadoop World. However, the service works by having its beta users to own and have their own data already available with own applications, so that it runs on top of the cluster.

This new tool, is open source and superb being free to use for now.  The company is pays and provides the whole cloud infrastructure, this is a breakthrough as it is allowing users with a great vision by utilizing Hadoop and its implied big data wonders and capabilities.

The new company Galactic Exchange will eventually release an enterprise version of the product complete with better security, support and all the kinds of features businesses expect.

Rob Mustarde stated "The product is actually geared toward small to medium businesses, the ones that can’t afford to hire dedicated teams to spin up and manage Hadoop clusters",

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