Twitter Periscope Live Broadcasting Now Available New App

Twitter has published a proprietary live-streaming video app for iOS .

This news comes in a context where a few weeks ago it was announced a similar service Meerkat at the SXSW .

The new app called Periscope works by allowing its users to live-stream from their smartphones to viewed publicly on-line.

This new app is not a new idea, as there are already similar apps available, however in this case it appears to be trending topic as technology such as 4G allows for better capabilities and signal improvement responsiveness. In practice the way it works is that much in the same way as other apps that can live stream,  As soon as an event starts by a user by starting a broadcast it is followed by an optional alert that is published live on their twitter stream. 

As expected, the live broadcast has the interactive capability for users to comment and send “hearts”. Another option available is the possibility to "lock" a broadcast so that it becomes private or accessible to only certain approved users.

Currently the new app is only available on the Apple store.  In comparison the new app Periscope with Meerkat does have some key differences in terms of media content offering features to users, 

With Periscope users can save the video streams after the broadcast has finished, for later viewing for a period of 24 hours, on the other hand Meerkat is ephemeral and live video disappears once you finish broadcasting.

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