Surgery by Auto Robots Advanced Platform From Google and Johnson & Johnson (Ethicon)

Google and Johnson & Johnson (Ethicon) have announced and following news that they are partnering in order to develop an advanced robot surgery platform with a view to possibly decrease the risk of human error and increase autonomous patterns of procedures. 

It results in a partnership that will include capabilities, intellectual property and expertise from both companies, and will involve Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ethicon, an expert maker of medical devices.

However at this stage the companies are not intending to fully replace human surgeons, nevertheless the potential and as a natural development this goal may be in their projects objectives.

At present, robot-assisted surgery does require a human surgeon that is in full control of instruments via a computer or a remote device.

In this context, it is not new that Google Glass has been previously used in robot-assisted surgery configurations, so Google already has an interest in this field not to mention the Artificial Intelligence R&D that it conducts. 

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