New Service Gyroscope Tracks And Combines All Your Activities

New App Gyroscope Tracks And Combines All Your Activities to Share

Following on from the AprilZero app where their users can track everything based on their activities, there is now a new app named Gyroscope, where not only you can track your activities, they can also be displayed and shared to the world, the data.

The way Gyroscope works is that it creates a personal profile for each user based on various combined tracking apps which includes utilizing a user personal data such as weight, health, walked steps and shared locations tracked from each user.

Foursquare provides user date from travel destinations, and InstagramTwitter can provide data relating to a user activities, Furthermore, other apps such as fitness apps RunKeeper, Fitbit and Moves track can provide data from a user runs, Withings tracks a user weight and heart rate.

As a result, the gathered combined data is then used to provide story about a user at any given day,

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