New Facebook Messenger Platform Include Content Tools Business Features

Following F8 conference, it was announced a new Messenger Platform with new possibilities for partner apps. 

The new opportunity is available to 600 million users that can create and share content using third-party tools, furthermore communicate directly with businesses without the need to call or email. 

The content tools platform and apps already have initial partners such as ESPN, JibJab,Wordeo and Giphy, in an Messenger update from today

In this context, Facebook is also starting a new development venture with partners to be able to offer business chat capabilities.

To complement this new opportunity, it was released an SDK for developers to enable to start building engaging content.

The new Messenger content apps can be accessed within a triple-dot button in the composer window next to options to add photos, where there are links into app stores to enable download of new content apps. Each content information that is sent through the platform does embed an attribution link. The way it works is that a user has the option to click and download the app so that it can interact.

The Messenger app partners include Legend, Ultratest, Ditty, Giphy, FlipLip, ClipDis, Memes, PicCollage, Kanvas, JJ Abrams’ studio Bad Robot’s Action Mobie FX, Boostr, Camoji, Cleo Video Texting, Clips, Dubsmash, Effectify, EmotionAR, EMU, Fotor, Gif Keyboard, GifJam, Hook’d, Imgur, Imoji, Keek, Magisto, Meme Generator, Noah Camera, Pic Stitch, PingTank, Score! on Friends, Selfied, Shout, StayFilm, Facebook Stickered, Strobe, Tackl, Talking Tom,

Facebook is targeting Messenger with communication business opportunities.

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