Marketing New App Processes Natural Language, Machine Learning and Social Graphs

Following on the context on a recent development on third party content that could be hosted on Facebook , a new startup Keywee that processes content marketing is utilizing natural language processing, machine learning and social graphs so that it can filter patterns and recognize relevant stories for its users, which it claims to focus on content discovery and advertisement technology.

Content marketing is offered by a variety of businesses, and most tend to use different approaches in serving their users with data content based recommendations and discovery. These providers include Outbrain, Taboola, Contently, Newscred, among many others. ”

With this tool, content is analysed based on stories and matching to user profiles which can provide better results in terms of marketing and understanding for content placement.

A trending subject at the moment is that of paid content, as advertising is focusing more on programmatic models whereas prices continue to drop on placement data pools, 

Keywee, innovation is on the ability to find audiences for content, whether audiences are on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social platform. 

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