Instagram New App - Layout, Display And Share Collage Photos

The announcement news from Instagram that it now has a new application called Layout

The new app Layout, offers new features for Instagram users as they use their photos to build photo group collages. And subsequently be able to share to Instagram, Facebook, or any where else.

These type of applications already exist and they are quite popular, however Instagram now offers with this new app, features that are an improvement where compared to other apps such as Pic Stitch, Pic Collage, InstaCollage, PhotoGrid, and these are just a few examples. 

The way these apps offer features are all based on similar varieties of blank photo grids where users can customize with their own photos, optional text, stickers, frames and backgrounds.

With the new app Layout, users can build collages by changing the order of the steps involved in the typical process of other apps.

As a user selects its photos, Layout then presents previews of custom layouts that a user can scroll down to see its photos. Then a selection of up to nine photos can be made, and each time to tap to add another, photo grid options update automatically to reflect the new photos selected additions. At the end when a user is ready they can simply flick through the presented options in order to choose their grid.

On Layout there is also an option to select Faces, where a user from its camera roll can select and filter just photos with pictures that feature people.

Another new option on Layout, is the Photo Booth that a user can use to capture spontaneous moments. The way it works is that when a user taps this button, the app starts a countdown timer and then captures a series of photos that will appear instantly in a layout.

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