IBM Internet of Things Investment Announcements

Internet of Things
Source: Techkriti

IBM strategy and Internet of Things are of key of importance to the company data expertise. It was announced a major investment by IBM which will focus its strategy onto the Internet of Things, and this initiative is IBM's major investment since the Big Blue. This new investment arrives along with a partnership from The Weather Company to assist on their data analysis applications around the world, and this is just the beginning, so that it can position itself as a development platform.

The Internet of Things can be summarized as connected computers, as an Internet of connected devices that can broadcast large amounts of data from the devices usage and its users or consumers operational patterns.

IBM is not the only technology company focusing on the Internet of Things, others exist such as Predix and Cisco is also developing investment.   

IBM is building a platform that can consolidate services so that they can be able to produce Internet of Things applications.

In this context it already has BlueMix which is IBM’s Platform as a Service solution.

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