Twitter Now Offers Organic Analytics Data for Advertisers and Verified Users

Twitter Released An Organic Data Analysis for Advertisers, Twitter Card Publishers, and Verified Users.

Following on the current data analytics offering that twitter already gives its advertisers which includes analysis on post impressions, replies, and link clicks, now there is also data displayed for organic or natural tweet posts. Organic or natural tweet posts are all non-promoted, paid for messages. 

This latest addition to data analytics offering by twitter gives its users an improved dashboard where it can be seen a broader view of a user entire Twitter activity.

This new addition and comprehensive view is relevant from an ad perspective as detailed on the latest twitter blog post.

The improved dashboard includes data analytics which details total tweet post impressions, total engagements and engagement rates for each tweet post, furthermore it aggregates data analytics from the previous month, permitting an easier time comparison for performance, results and pattern analysis.

Best practice for twitter posting including noting the optimal time for tweet posting. Including which time of day and day of the week results in the best performance with engagement and impressions.

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