Vine Platform Just 6 Seconds Videos to Compete With YouTube Experience

Vine now has a new look and functionality announced earlier for desktop users, which includes improvements on navigation and discovery features. 

Furthermore, all of its video content is now accessible to anyone without the requirement to sign-in to view content.

With these new improvements it also includes alongside a user profile streams, the display of a featured section which includes Editors Picks, cool playlists, and special featured videos. Users also have access to channels, trending tags, and a popular page, very much the same experience for app users of Vine.

So from today Vine provides visitors and users access to all of the best content it has on its platform, with an improvement setting of a TV mode, that works by playing videos sequentially automatically in full-screen mode.

With this latest platform development it appears to be following the YouTube user experience, nevertheless with its user generated short videos based primarily on mobile devices.

Due to the nature of the platform limitations in terms of video length, it does offer its users a new way to be creative in a relatively short amount of time for their videos which in turn can help develop original content, similar to the concept of Twitter 140 characters user experience approach.

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