Ambient Proximity New Hype On Location Social Media Sharing Services

From a social media user experience it is not always about where your connections are at a location exactly, but in relative terms how close a user is to another, and that is the relevant factor. 

Following recent years on providing a solution to always provide users exact coordinate check-ins in both Foursquare and Facebook platforms, the user experience is now trending away from this feature capability and focusing more on ambient proximity, which works by constantly and automatically sharing your approximate distance from your nearest connections contained in distance labelled groups. 

The process of ambient proximity permits a user to learn if one their connections is near enough to meet up, without necessarily having the stalking capability of knowing exact locations historically on maps. This new approach could be much more appealing to the wider social media daily users.

In this context, Foursquare’s new ambient proximity app Swarm was announced today to be released very soon. It creates a feed of a user connections into groups based on their present distance. Also launched recently was the Facebook Nearby Friends .

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