Nuzzel Social Media Aggregated Stories Filtered by Friends Activity Now Open

Social Media Stories Filtered by Friends Activity Now Open

Nuzzel is a new social media friends stories service founded by the Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams.

The new platform aggregator service the way it works is that unlike other services it does not use machine learning to populate its content, nor does it aggregate social friends news with human editors, rather Nuzzel simply filtered and publishes lists of stories that have been shared by friends including comments. 

These filtered friends stories can be presented in a chronologically view list and also on the popularity of the stories based on sharing popularity. The content used on the aggregator friends stories to be displayed are based on the user Nuzzel account settings when connected to their twitter and facebook accounts.

The way the stories are presented and configured is by a feed that is processed by popularity and interactivity on friends news, which are filtered to a user profile, thus making an automated process without requirement much user configuration. The feed is made public that always makes it interesting reading for users.

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