Apple to Rival Spotify With Own Music App Service

Apple is preparing to launch a new on-demand streaming music service.

The news follows according to record labels that have been approached by Apple. This new service will appeal to users that currently enjoy Spotify thus Apple is extending its offers with a popular move.  It was first noted on Billboard, where it was stated following unnamed sources, that discussions are moving at various stages.

This new move may be that Apple is taking into considerations that its iTunes, is suffering a decline in downloads. This early decline was noted by Nielsen as downloads are less 13 percent from the week of March 9, and sales are down 11 percent from last year.

In comparison Spotify and YouTube continue to enjoy steady figures according to this Report in US. Nevertheless Apple already has a streaming radio service the iTunes Radio, however it is possible that it that new service could be become a standalone app with a possible integration into Apple new operating system iOS 8.

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