Newest Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Apps from YODspica Ltd

Today we saw the launch of two interesting free apps.

For users of Microsoft Windows phone 8 operating system by YODspica Ltd.

The two new apps include the Cardiff Open Coffee Network which is a monthly free business network meeting with its official website on and the other free app is that of YODspica Ltd itself which can be viewed and downloaded on Our Company.

So if you have a windows phone what is stopping you from downloading these great apps today, the download links are above with the screenshots seen on this post. 

The windows phone apps, are well designed and developed, the first app provides detailed information about members which they are to be updated regularly, a news page with the latest event news, a ticket page for anyone wish to book into events, with other detailed information throughout the navigation options. 

The Our company windows phone app, provides detailed information on all services currently offered by YODspica Ltd, as well as a latest news feature for readers.

Feel free to add your comments to this post, thank you.

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