The Importance of a Good Marketing Strategy

In an increasingly competitive global market place any company that hasn’t developed a marketing strategy stands to lose potential customers and revenue. 


The first task of any marketing department is to analyze is to assess their target customer and also the company’s unique selling point (USP).  It’s only when a company has defined exactly what it is trying to sell and to whom, that they can develop an effective strategy. Focus is important, if a company is trying to attract high-end customers, they want their marketing campaign to look sleek and appealing to that particular demographic.  A marketing strategy is all about definition.  Once goals have been identified, it’s only then that a strategy can be put in place.  It is also important that the whole company is aware of the strategy so that all departments are constantly reviewing how they contribute to the effectiveness of that strategy.  Marketing isn’t just about sales; the strategy should also encompass brand development and brand recognition. Customer service is integral to a successful company and it’s vital that the work of a successful marketing campaign isn’t undone by members of staff from other departments not recognizing the importance of customer retention and attraction.


Once a budget has been put in place, then a marketing strategy can be defined.  The growth of the Internet has seen a boom in online advertising and this has brought down marketing costs.  Some companies rely on the Internet alone for promoting their companies, but they shouldn’t make the mistake of believing that designing a website is all they have to do.  The website should be well-designed, incorporate excellent, contemporary information and employ interesting graphics and visual imagery.  The Internet has come a long way since the days when some companies just used to cut and paste information from their printed brochures onto the web and think that this was sufficient for marketing purposes.  With so many companies across the planet engaged in the battle for attracting custom, the websites that stand out, and are at the head of search engine rankings are the ones that will succeed.  One way of ensuring that a website will be placed at the top of the rankings is to employ the services of professional copywriters who are able to write fresh and engaging copy to post on company blogs and news sections.  The search engines are constantly changing their algorithms and the current pattern that will get picked up is unique copy that is regularly updated.   

Multi Platforms

TV adverts, newspaper features and billboard advertising are all still important but these methods are expensive.  Online competitions are a cheaper way of employing a marketing strategy and they will generate greater brand recognition.  Humor is always good and a catchy slogan or appealing logo will soon get people talking.  Social media, especially a Twitter trending hash tag is a highly effective way of keeping a company brand in focus and this success often comes as a result of copy commissioned for a website. Facebook and Twitter ‘likes’ and  ‘follows’ are important methods of assessing the success of any marketing initiative and a strong marketing campaign will result in increased profitability.

Author: Aimee Claire

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