Technology Augment Reality Example of Business Monetization

The technology of augmented reality is not something new, nevertheless for a dedicated development business to earn revenue in practical terms it still continues to face challenges. 

In this context, there is now an attempt by a company called Augment that is pushing to enable successful technology monetization with its solution. 

Subsequently, Augment has now released its own Business Presentations which is specifically aimed at sales people usage. The monetizations works by offering a subscription service for around $30 per month per user or the choice of an annual plan with considerable savings. 

For a business user, they can simply move their mobile device (e.g. iPad) once the app is installed to showcase a business catalog and presenting the visual reference results to potential or existing customers. In this case, this example works best when a business sales products that aren't so easy to carry around but will give a great visual solution to customers of how things look would like in the location once the products have been purchased (these can include furniture, white goods, art or decorations).

The way its works when setting up, is that a business user can simply upload and visualize their 3D models as augmented reality objects in just a few minutes when using Augment.

The 3D modelling compatibility includes designs created using 3ds Max, Maya or SketchUp. From this latest development, an interesting business case can be envisaged that this technology does have a future where its monetization can be achieved quite well in a not long distance future.

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