Earn Revenue from Readers of Your Blog and Web Content Published

A new open-source service called Bitmonet allows online publishers to earn revenue from their online content via the Bitcoin Platform Monetization. This new service works as a platform that can create a microtransaction on the web content by enabling a paywall before readers can access the blog or web content which can include specific areas on a web portal.

The Financial Times has a similar approach to its content however it does not use bitcoins rather a subscription service. So this approach is not new, however it does any blogger and web content publisher and easy way to earn revenue from their content.

Bitmonet, works by adding functions to the website or blog, so that when a reader clicks on a link, a window pops up asking for a few pence/cents to read a post which also includes a time limited access to the content or even an option to provide readers with a day pass on the published content at the blog or website portal.

Readers can pay with Bitcoins but it is also possible in another currency. The systems uses the BitPay API, enabling BTC integration. There is also a tutorial on implementing the service.

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