Google Cloud Print Share Available on Windows Networks and OS X

It was announced today by Google that is has launched new updates to its cloud service on Cloud Print. The new updates addresses the windows platform with a seamless productivity flow, so that users are able to share printers with across platforms and networks including Windows infrastructures.

The way Cloud Print works is by offering a capability to users share their existing printers with other users on a network, of which in turn the users are then able to print any documents from virtually anything to anywhere.

The cloud service of “cloud-ready” printers is not something new, nevertheless with this Google service users can can connect to the Internet and manage their Google Cloud Print accounts. Following the news today Google users are now capable to Cloud Print not just using Chrome on Chrome OS but also on third party services such as OS X and Windows.

Detailed technical info is available on the Google Cloud Print Service for Windows. From today is now included a printer driver for Windows users, so that it is possible to print via Cloud Print from any application on any computer. Printers can simply be shared between users by just sharing a link, which includes management tools.

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