Welcome to Microsoft Ventures to Help New Business Flourish

The global phenomenon of promoting and encouraging Entrepreneurship keeps increasing and is a very popular choice for most daring, creative and multi-skilled individuals.
Companies like Microsoft are ever more understanding and extending their arms to understand and help this global growth by encompassing new raw talent which consists of such much potential when fine tuned and supported correctly even if with custom offers to suit specific interested parties.
Any idea and Entrepreneurial business are always evolving so it is important to offer the correct solutions and not to generalize offerings, and this is where Microsoft has been learning and accommodating by popular demand it case for innovation, which is particularly difficult for such a large organization however they appear to be trying quite hard and focused in order to become ever more appealing with their technology and innovative solutions. Particularly in the applications development market.  

As a result today, Microsoft is announcing the creation of Microsoft Ventures, which consists of a solution that offers tools, resources, expertise and routes to market. Alongside specific help with mentorship, guidance, seed funding, joint selling opportunities among other benefits.

Microsoft Ventures is a top level approach to business development which includes a community evangelism program and BizSpark.  The popular program of BizSpark on its own also to continue to offer access to Microsoft tools and technologies.

For more information is available on The Official Microsoft Blog  and microsoftventures,

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