Klout and Microsoft Yammer Partner for Social Influence Results

Corporate users of Microsoft Yammer are now able to see their influential scores via klout which is available to everyone connect on the corporate network.

They way Klout works is that it calculates an influential dynamic score result following a user activity on social media and the general internet usage. The scores include also topics of influence which can be noted on user Yammer profiles.

Klout announced here in a blog post, furthermore Klout is working on a specific integration driven from data from Microsoft Yammer which will result on a new Klout user score based on user Microsoft Yammer activity score.

Below is an example on how Klout will calculate a user specific score:

Imagine your graphic designer is also a talented photographer and DJ (like Klout designer, Geoff Olegario!). Geoff handles most of our photography needs and serves as our resident DJ at Klout. We're guessing (hoping!) he enjoys these opportunities to flex his creative muscles beyond his day job. Until today, most large companies lacked the tools to surface and embrace this expertise and talent at scale. By joining forces with Yammer, we envision a world where employers understand and harness the influence and talents of their employees to create a more fulfilling and connected workplace for everyone.

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