UK Government Welcomes Russel Buckley on Venture Capital Arm

The UK Government is now partnering with the serial entrepreneur and investor Russell Buckley who is the co-founder of MobHappy, and in a blog post it stated here this participation in his new initiative. 

The UK Government’s Venture Capital Unit, which was launched in 2012, works in such a way that helps UK companies to attract funding from outside the UK, as a result address the funding capacity gap which can benefit early and relatively start-up status businesses. The Unit is led by Chris Wade

Below is the reaction of Russell Buckley in his blog post, where is intending to help IT companies in the UK.

So, trying to draw this together in one cogent theme, I’m planning to spend the next 10 years helping the UK to become a world class part of the tech scene and one which regularly produces mega-successes like the next Twitter, the next Facebook or the next Amazon. There’s plenty of reasons why The Valley has the advantage over us – early stage funding and a huge natural early adopter market, are my personal bugbears. But if we think big and harness the creativity and talent available, I believe it’s a realisable dream. Source
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