Facebook Users Can Now Rate Media Interests for Richer Data Feedback


Facebook users now have the possibility to be able to give star ratings on movies, TV shows and books. This new feature arrives in a context where a new development “Sections” which is capable of showing to users which apps they use in a more interactive engaging feedback.

This latest development was initiated for production back in mid-March where it was included on the new designed Timeline.  It is easier now and more streamlined the way a user can look at home tab in the below left column, where it is displayed a list of different content types with apps having their own Section. It then follows that a user may configure their profile About tab. 

In an overall data semantic understanding and business intelligence processing it can now include richer data with users opinions embedded directly into the Facebook graph. On the post-processing side of data analysis for users the output is a leaner data on Facebook Graph Search results for a user favourite interests based on their previous activities and ratings feedback.

Facebook has also developed a new Insights dashboard for developers where they can see analysis based on the sections.

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