Bing Now Offers New Interactive Sidebar via Social Media

The search engine Bing from Microsoft now has a new social sidebar, which is capable to display the latest content from a user content stream of their Facebook friends including Twitter, Klout, Quora among others, where it was first announced here.

This new Bing capability allows users to be able to like Facebook posts directly from the social sidebar and engage with the content stream by adding comments. Furthermore, a user can also see all of existing comments made on a post from just the sidebar. It is a more advanced extension to the existing interactive stream widgets already available from Facebook however does have a more capable extensive social media reach and platform options.

With this new addition, it gives Bing users a central streamlined location for essential fast social media engagement by having just a look and feel of an application, which does not have a full version of the websites rather an efficient management of browsing and time.

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