Vimeo Service Innovates Inspired by Instagram Filter Feature Processing

The quality focused video service Vimeo, following on its Enhancer tools, it continues to innovate and now has a new video-editing tool labelled "Looks" that is available to its users.  

The way the "Looks" feature works is that it adds similar Instagram filter effects that are available on the video editing suite, and thus offer its users the popular filters that are seen image processing.  Vimeo is trying to attract the popularity of photo editing filters onto the video market of online editing, thus giving its users more creative results with pre-defined filters. 

In a context where it now has a paywall option, a "tip jar" where content creators can make money, futhermore it's Enhancer allows users to add licensed music tracks to video.

Vimeo President Dae Mellencamp told VentureBeat. “We want to make the experience of adding effects fast and effortless… We want to make these types of tools accessible to everyone.

Looks is powered by GenArt's Vivoom app, including more than 500 Looks within the Enhancer furthermore it can scan users videos automatically where a recommendation of a creative filter is given. For the time being this new tool is free for the next 90 days, however it is anticipated that there may be a subscription cost in the future for Vimeo users.

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