Venture World Summit, An International Entrepreneurial Event

Venture World Summit, as it was announced it is an event meeting where Hundreds Of Leading Venture Capitalists, Corporate VCs, Angel Investors, Investment Bankers, Tech Transfer Executives, Incubator Managers And CEOs Of Emerging Companies will attend to promote, discuss and help grow the economic prospects in the best possible way of clear benefits to all.

Anyone can Register to attend as the event is scheduled to start 7.30am on the 19th September 2013 lasting until the distinguished dinner at the end of the 20th September 2013.

The founder of the event is Elio Assuncao and he stated: "We will have an amazing event which will benefit all attendees at all levels, as well as debating new ideas, sharing knowledge, advice from experts, networking and meeting many people from across the world that are looking for business growth and further their ventures. The event will also analyse the potential for new opportunities in the context of the world economy with advice from experienced international trade partners and international law considerations".

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