Gain Fitness, A New App with Personal Trainers to Keep Fit and Healthy

Now everyone can have their own personal trainers on their handheld devices for advice, guidance and motivation. A new mobile app from the startup GAIN Fitness, gives its users their own personal trainers so that users can be brought back into fitness or maintain their fitness levels. The new mobile app is currently available only on the iPhone and iPad. 

A more detailed insight from GAIN Fitness can be read on the “trainer marketplace”, the company will have a least one new trainer per month available to the users of the GAIN mobile app.

The way it works as a business model for GAIN is that the company does share the mobile app revenue directly with the personal trainers who are the essential part of their offering to users which also produce specific workouts.  This is similar to the iTunes revenue music model, in this case the featured Trainers on the mobile app are also promoted in a custom manner based on their preferences, expertise, development exercise workouts and location marketing. The GAIN Fitness CEO is Nick Gammell.
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