Facebook Presents Graph Search and Partners Microsoft Bing Search

Earlier today it was announced by Facebook a new interesting tool called Graph Search (currently in beta), that will make searching for friends locations and activities in a visual connected way, furthermore the tool was presented by Facebook as an innovative engaging solution.  It then follows, that this new tool may have a positive implication on the traditional search market where it will position itself as a way that makes daily searching on Google a little less exciting. 

The way that the Graph Search tool works is that it has features and capabilities which allows users to search for interests, friends location including preferences previously set by the members of the social network, from the connected "friends". The results should be quite customized to each user, where the expectations is that friends recommendations on current affairs, literature, commerce, business, travel, art, among many other topics will be seen as highly engaging with real experiences and advice from connected users, thus helping and providing each other with suggestions and feedback as well as quickly publishing content on-line interpreted as word of mouth from practical trustworthy sources.

In this context, it was also announced earlier a new partnership between Microsoft's Bing search engine announced here, and Facebook, which we will see a new development in terms of internet search possibilities as well as an attempt to compete with the Google dominance.

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