Adzuna Search Engine for Advertisers Gets UK Update and Traffic

The site Oodle which specializes as an ads search engine, was recently acquired by QVC TV. As a result, it appears that now some its features are being commercialized separately and one interesting branch is that of  Adzuna.

It then follows, that Adzuna is quite innovative on the way it presents itself, and the news today is that Oodle UK is now directing all of its visitors to Adzuna as a domain setting re-direction. Further to this change, Oodle UK users that were tagged, set and inserted in other less popular categories e.g. pets and boats, are being directed to Mobiya, a smaller classified search engine.

The way Adzuna works is that it uses data, processes and produces an aggregation of advertisements related to jobs, cars and property that results in an output display that includes a social sharing capability such as Facebook.

Adzuna jobs and housing data stream is the base to which the “Number 10 Dashboard” produces most its real-time content as an handheld application. Feel Free to add your comments to this post, thank you.

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