The New Mobile Era Vision to End Credit Cards and Cash Payments

As the Christmas season is already in full swing, many people will purchase many presents in a variety of payment methods including loyalty point rewards, however in the context of gift cards this way does take a little more work from a consumer point of view, as these have to be purchased in-store and subsequently gifted as in most cases in person as a gift paper cheque, it then follows that the receiver is required to travel to the store and apply the gift card in their choice for their present purchase.

A new innovation however, has today been announced by Square on its Square Wallet, where the current innovation is only available for users of the app in the United States at the moment. Nevertheless, the innovation consists of users of the app, to be able to purchase gift cards straight from within the processing of the app without the need to travel to stores or use a credit card payment. Users can simply order gift cards from the list of available partner businesses within the app which can then be gifted to any user of the app.

Below is the promotional video for the Gift Cards:

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