The European Union Has a New Agenda to Modernize its Copyright Rules

The European Union now has a new agenda where it is delineated an upgrade to the rules by envisaging a modernization of the current copyright rules in a context where today's digital open internet carries new responsibilities, data protection concerns and streamline processes.

The new copyright rules currently being planned within the European market, will include many aspects and safeguards such as:

  • Cross-border portability, Currently international businesses that provide solutions include user agreements, these are customised depending on the location of the user namely which county of residence. The aspiration is to streamline this process with a single common usage agreement rights on the European market, where businesses can have a simpler and efficient process which will benefit users too.
  • User-Generated Content, in the age of social media, so much content is currently being viewed and uploaded where producers need to be protected, so that the new rights do take into account their rights.
  • Data mining, capability to use data an automated scanning processes for the purpose of scientific research only. 
  • Private copying levies, streamline across European states legislation that is common to all, as a result ensure users cannot behave or act in different ways across member states. It includes cases where goods are reproduced without safeguarding market competitiveness and equality on costs and profit margins by businesses. 
  • Insufficient (cross-border) access, member states still use the audiovisual media as a way to safeguard digital borders, where content cannot distributed or viewed in separate member states without going through many bureaucratic requirements made via political decisions. 
  • European cultural heritage, the European Union states that only around 15% of Europe’s of many audiovisual archives are available to citizens, thus a real block to creativity and citizen participation on possible new media development and research projects. 
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