Samsung New ChatON Features Available on the Micro Social Network

Samsung is making the most of this holiday period by innovating and engaging its user base, which includes innovative solutions, such as the CES 2013 Smart TV, including the Smart Hub. Samsung users will benefit with content on the Samsung Smart TV, and a revamped version of the ChatON which is a cross-platform messaging app, that works as a micro social media network.

The version of ChatON 2.0 is available in over 200 countries in 60 languages, where users can create profiles and then post status updates with commenting capability and interactivity.  Furthermore, the ChatON 2.0 now has a multi-screen capability that works with up to five connected devices. It is also possible for users to invite friends to ChatON for engaging in conversations from different platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Weibo.

Samsung is introducing the Smart Hub and ChatON 2.0 at the CES in two weeks. However below is an introduction to the new capabilities.

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