New App Uses Image Recognition Technology to Display User Info

A new mobile app has been launched and is now available on the App store called Cardign, this new mobile app allows users to take pictures of people's faces on their devices and then from the stored picture, the app is capable to process the information using facial recognition to then display contact details correspondent to the picture. 

Nevertheless, this recognition only works when other users already have downloaded and use the app so that their details and their face pictures are already stored on the app database. The way it works is that users are required to take three pictures of themselves for a more accurate detailed pattern for the database storage procedure, as a result then the recognition processing can occur by taking into consideration data variations. As the app becomes more widely used and popular, then the database will grow, and the intention and goal is that when users meet or greet anyone that they would like to exchange contact details, users would only simply need to take a picture of the face of the person being met for all their details being shown on the app. In a way, this is an advanced photo business card exchange, however done with simply using users faces pictures and with the requirement that everyone would need to use and agree for this app to use their details, in order to work.

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