Google Maps on iPhone 10 Useful Tips for a Better User Experience

Google has published quite an interesting list of tips to help the user experience for its iPhone maps app. The application of  Google Maps which is free,  is popular and have downloaded over 10 million times in just two days. 

The published tips for a better user experience include:

  • Press and hold to place a pin on the map.
  • To see Street View images in panorama, "press and hold any location on the map, tap the info sheet, and then tap the image."
  • Shake your phone to send Google feedback.
  • Swipe the info sheet to the left or right to browse more results.
  • Tap the three buttons at bottom right to access the satellite, traffic and public transit views.
  • Swipe the top bar to the left to preview the upcoming route. Tap the bottom bar to switch between estimated travel time and the miles remaining. 
  • You can zoom in and out with one finger by double tapping a location, holding the second tap, and dragging your finger up or down.
  • Tap the My Profile button, which is next to the search box, to save your home and work locations, so that you can access directions to home or work quickly wherever you are. 
  • Tap twice on the My Location button on the bottom left to use compass mode. This orients the map so that the map is facing the same direction you're facing.
  • Tap the star icon on a location or on a place info sheet to save a place so that you can have quick access later.
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