Facebook Testing New Interactive Status Update Feature

A new interactive feature currently being tested by Facebook for its users to allow them to have a status update that is more engaging. The way it works is that when users log in they will see a question addressed to them personally asking them how a user is feeling or doing. Nevertheless, the question is part of the status update feature and is seen on a light background within the status update box where it does not interfere or disturb visually for the user experience, simply gives the user a suggestion for a status update.

It appears that Facebook is trying to become more interactive with its users so that it suggest to its users for them to post more engaging content and less professional promotional updates. However, with all recent developments, many users have the perception that the social network has become less social and much more market driven by marketing and its business strategy constant strive for revenue increase particularly after the market listing went less successful than expected. On the hand, it could be that if users spend more time on the site and are more personal with their content, then better targeted facebook ads could become more clickable and thus more profitable.

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