Facebook Plans to Charge Users to Send Unsolicited Messages

Facebook is continuing to venture into new profitability ways, the latest is quite on a discovery delicate path for its users because it is trying to appease its investors, financial market expectations, strategic value and increase on its revenue possibilities. It then follows that in a quite similar existing services to that of Linkedin with its inMail, Facebook is now testing a new messaging charge option. Currently the testing is outside the US and includes a charge to Facebook users of $1 to those that wish to send messages to non-friends, nevertheless users can only send one paid message a week, with a limit of three a month, to any user that is not already a "friend" on their existing network.

The way it works is that paid messages are delivered straight to the actual inbox instead of the “other” folder. The "other" folder is only shown when "view all messages" option is clicked by the user. If this plan does go ahead there is a possibility that for the very active, popular and celebrity facebook users, they could have their main inbox full of paid messages that main contain unsolicited spam. 

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