Facebook Launches Self-Destruct Interactive Poke Mobile App

Facebook poke
Facebook now has a new app, named “Poke”, the main features of this new mobile app is that allows users to send photos, videos, pokes, or even text Facebook messages to existing Facebook friends. The main attractiveness of this mobile app is that the content shared, poked and notified with friends does expire shortly after a few seconds with settings duration predefined as options. This new app follows, since when it was first reported on AllThingsD around a few weeks ago.

Other existing mobile app such as Snapchat on iOS and Android is quite popular with young users, thus Facebook trying to attract this type of users with its own version. Currently around 50 million photos are shared on the competitor Snapchat mobile app on a daily basis, with a total of 1 billion so far. As a result, Facebook clearly noted as sees it as the next big thing that could perhaps disrupt their own mobile app service popularity in the future. Reports also indicate that Facebook did try to acquire the app, nevertheless the founders decided not to accept the offer, as a result Facebook has produced this competitive mobile app in a mere 12 days in order to compete and remain leader on the popularity ranking lists.

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