Artificial Intelligence Now Tracking Conversations on Social Media

Salorix has a new analytics tool called Amplify, this new tool is built based on machine learning relating to artificial intelligence and it is designed to operate on learning data acquired via social networking. The way it works by searching social media data involving user conversations and interactions that contain keywords based on specific search terms that flagged by any monitoring business. Furthermore, this analysis tool also searches for conversations that may be related and of interest to products and services that a business may be currently providing.

Amplify works as a supervised machine learning where the criteria for searching relevant conversations is based by scores given on a large data set of tweets that were made available publicly as interactive data. In order to improve its accuracy it bases its scores on input by humans that have voted relevance results. Users of Amplify can also further fine tune scores so that the program is as best and efficient as possible. it as the program works for them.

A direct consequence of this new solution, is that for marketers they can utilize the information to direct their campaigns to a relevant audience that is engaging and influential on their business services or products.
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