Amazon Cloud Storage Provides Simpler Service to Host Static Websites

The cloud service from Amazon S3 designed for web developers now has a simpler service for users that wish to host static websites at a highly competitive price. It has been possible to host static websites at Amazon cloud storage service since over a a year ago, however now there is a simpler service so that users can utilize the cloud service to host static websites processed with S3 by adding root domain hosting with Route 53 DNS service.

The way it works is that there are no monthly subscription fees, simply a fee payment to Amazon’s related to the storage and bandwidth of the static website. One advantage of hosting a website on Amazon is that there is no need to keep constantly updating a content management system including plugins.

Previously users had to use services such as wwwizer, with this new update, users can now simply create a S3 bucket without the ‘www’ website addressing, then select “redirect all requests to another host name” where the only more technical step has quite a detailed guide. Quite a good review on S3 can bee seen on CTO Werner Vogels and on blogging .

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