YouTube Videos on Google TV Now Controlled via Smartphone App

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, however on the traditional home TV market with Google TV setting the viewing experience is not brilliant with a relatively quite small market penetration. One of the drawbacks of Google TV, is that users experience is done via  remote controls which have limited functionality and navigation. However, now a new update is coming to Android and Google TV user experiences, where it includes improved navigation for media viewing controlled directly from a smartphone app.

This new update for the user experience is capable to provide users with browsing, search, and navigation of videos by simply using their mobile phones. Later, users can select videos to be viewed on Google TV from their devices, it then follows that by using the WiFi network with the videos will be transmitted for viewing.  This new app allows gives users the capability to control the entire playback experience, including pause, scroll, and skipping to the next video.

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