New Resources for Web Development Professionals

In this post, we have collected new resources for web development professionals, to use in their web development projects. These new resources include frameworks, tools and APIs where many are based and developed using open-source standards. These new resources will improve the development cycle of any web application.

34 Responsive Grid System
34Grid provides equally distributed columns for each row. 

Platform For Cloud Based Development

Responsive testing tool
Browser-based tool to test any website’s responsiveness.

Cedvel, design grid systems
Ease the grid design process and help you explore more alternatives.

Data URI is a Uniform Resource Identifier

Cut and Slice
Use Cut&Slice me to export your assets to different devices in seconds. 

Adobe Edge Inspect
Preview & inspect web designs on devices

WordPress framework create, manage and deploy customized content types.

Prototype iPhone Apps

Neat, a semantic grid framework.

Webasyst Framework
 PHP framework for creating multi-user web apps and complex websites.

Dashboard framework

One% CSS Grid
One% CSS Grid is a 12 column fluid CSS grid system. 

Organize with its speed, simplicity and power.

More than a map
Google Maps API

Makisu: CSS 3D
3D dropdown menus.

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