Linkedin Mobile App is All About Things Made Simple


Following the Guardian Business Mobile Summit, it was interesting the talk by Joff Redfern from Linkedin, as he stated "Mobile first is not necessarily about trying to do something first on the mobile and then on the desktop. It's a way of life we move forward, having more truly mobile use cases is very important for us," he said. Previously, it was more important to just have the basic use case of LinkedIn on mobile, which is where most of our efforts have been."

The metrics used by LinkedIn to measure the success of its mobile apps includes:
  • Growth, members using the app on a weekly basis in comparison to all users. 
  • Daily usage, average daily active users divided by weekly active users.
  • How much money the app is making.
To sum up, in this context it appears that mobile apps is all about making applications as simple as possible combined with innovative marketing.
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