Learn How To Easily Create Your First Windows 8 App

The new Windows 8 Application Development is quite an innovative framework to anyone develop their applications. Microsoft offers to anyone a free version of Visual Studio 2012 as a tool.
In order to develop apps, you also need the Windows8 Operating System to be running.

How to Start:
  1. Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012. You can download Visual Studio here.
  2. Start with a new project on Visual Studio and choose the language in which you are comfort with to create your app from Visual C++, Visual Basic, JavaScript or Visual C#.
  3. After starting with the New Project, you will a Language Nodes pane on the left which allows you to choose the layout and template of your app. Templates like Grid App, Blank App, are there for all the four languages. 
  4. Download Blend for Visual Studio to use the Visual Template Designer for your app. You have to use the Solution file (.sln) to use the Blend’s Visual Designer.
  5. Code and customise the design templates for your app.
  6. To run your Windows 8 app, click on Debug and then Start Debugging or you can press F5 directly for debugging. 
  7. Deploying apps, with XML file, package.appxmanifest can be configured the deployment package for Windows App Store. Also it can be used the Manifest Designer in order to configure Packages.

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